Monday, 18 January 2010

Discover How to Fulfill Your Potential - In One Easy Step

By Chris Farrell

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I believe that we are all capable of achieving more. Did you know - Mathematicians and Statisticians have even put a number to it: 3%. 3% of people - so they say - fulfill their potential.


That's all! However - let us not forget 3% of the world's population is still 198 million people.

Are you going to be one of these 198 million?

Woody Allen said it best "...the world is run by people who show up.

When you talk to any successful person, they all say that in life, there are either results or excuses."

Results or excuses. I like that. Well said Mr. Allen. And did you also know - it's been proven time after time after time - that those who get these results - have focused on the end result BEFORE they got there.

Despite what some may think - envisioning this end result is not some mumbo jumbo....Fortune 500 companies train their sales people using these exact strategies.

Jack Canfield the bestselling author of 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' said that envisioning success before it happened was the one thing that helped him stay motivated to achieve it.
Every exit is an entry somewhere else.
Tom Stoppard (B. 1937)
English playwright and novelist.
Here are some more famous and not-so-famous real life examples of individuals who envisioned success before they got there - and the barriers they faced on route.

*1* Nobody will watch a show about nothing...' - what Jerry Seinfeld and co-creator Larry David were first told when they began to pitch Seinfeld.

*2* 'There's no market for it. If there were, major airlines would already be offering it...' - conclusion given to Fred Smith, founder of FEDEX.

*3* 'People will rent videotapes, but they'll never buy them...' -opinion of media experts later proved wrong by Jane Fonda's exercise tapes.

*4* 'A global, twenty-four-hour news network will never work...' - network executives' response to Ted Turner's plans for CNN.

*5* 'It's a cutthroat business, you've got no chance of success...' - accountant for Estee Lauder, founder of the multibillion dollar cosmetics empire.

*6* 'You're foolish to try and sell sparkling water in the land of Coca-Cola drinkers...' - advice given to Gustave Leven by several consulting firms when hearing of his plans to launch Perrier in the US.

*7* 'It's a huge risk and it will never fly...' - aeronautical engineers evaluation of Bill Lear's design for a jet.

*8* 'Personal computers are a hobbyist fad...' - prediction of IBM, Intel, HP and Atari.

My favorite:

*9* 'The feedback is the lowest we've ever had, lower than women's bowling, it just won't work...' - the BBC's comments to Ricky Gervais after a test screening of The Office.

Practice thinking from the end.

Just like Johnny Wilkinson did:

After the Rugby World Cup Final in 2003, Johnny Wilkinson was asked whether he was nervous when he received the ball, to execute his last second winning drop goal. His response:

"No. I've been here a million times before."

Nice one Johnny.

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