Friday, 5 February 2010

Keywords - What Are They, Why Are They Important, and How to Find Them

By Chris Farrell

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QUESTION - what is a keyword?

ANSWER - A keyword is the phrase that someone types into Google (or any search engine) when looking for something in particular.

For example - if you wanted a re-mortgage, you might type in 'mortgage tips'. In this case mortgage tips is a keyword. If you wanted to improve your golf swing, you might type in 'improve my golf swing'. In this case, improve my golf swing is a keyword.

You use keywords all the time - whether you were aware of it or not. Every time you conduct a search - you use keywords.

As an aside - please note that although the correct term is keyword - a keyword can actually contain a few words. For example - although 'improve my golf swing' is actually FOUR separate words - it is counted as ONE keyword. (I prefer to use therefore the term keyphrase - but keyword is the universally used term).

Why are Keywords important?

To understand why keywords are so important - you have to understand how the web works.
Let's use Google as an example. Google's spiders and robots trawl the web all the time 'reading' every website. Google give a higher ranking to websites that are full of strong keywords. The better use of keywords you have - the higher in Google's listing you will appear - resulting in more exposure of your site.

Once you have a list of strong keywords - all you have to do is make sure you use these keywords on your web page(s). Sprinkling your web page(s) with 'search engine rich' keywords will make you a favorite amongst the search engines. They reward you with higher listings.

Simply put - getting keywords right - can generate a HUGE amount of FREE traffic to your site (this is known in the business as SEO - Search Engine Optimization).
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How do I find keywords?

So how do you determine the best keywords to describe your site? The bottom line is - you have to think like a searcher.

Let's use your own site as an example (or your eventual site if you haven't created it yet).

What is the theme of your site? What is its subject matter? What product or service are you offering? Take a step back - and ask yourself - if you were looking for a site such as yours- which words would you type into a search engine?

Of course you will be able to think of a few - but they may not be the best. You need to figure out the most effective keywords.

Naturally there are many tools on the web that can help.

Have a look at these two in particular:

All you do - is type in the words that you can think of - and then with the click of a button - dozens (if not hundreds) of related keywords will appear. These tools also give a DAILY total of how many people are searching using these keywords - so you can see exactly how HOT certain keywords are.

What do I do with the keywords once I have them?

Once you have built a list of solid, strong keywords -make sure you use them in your web page(s). This will get you a higher rating with all the search engines - and then when someone types in one of the keywords you have used -you stand a greater chance of getting that visitor to your site.

Keyword rich content is great search engine fodder.

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