Friday, 19 February 2010

Website Marketing Tips - Become Successful With Forum Marketing!

By Chris Farrell

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Forum Marketing can be a very powerful source of free targeted traffic. But there are a few guidelines to master first - before you can harness the power of Forum Marketing.

Be positive.

People naturally gravitate to positive people. Post positive sounding posts. Don't get personal about other users (even if you don't agree with them) or products/services you don't personally like. My first website marketing tip: Everyone is trying to grow or create their business -- it pays to be nice.


Visit your forum every day and contribute. Don't be scared. Ask questions. Get involved. Don't be shy. Even if you are brand new -- say that. Introduce yourself. Very quickly you WILL build up a supportive network on online friends.

Never post an ad on a forum!

Instead - get a reputation for being helpful. And try and give back when you can -- rather than asking for help/advice all the time.
Self trust is the essence of heroism.
Ralph Waldo Emersion (1803-1882)
Create a 'stand out' signature file.

A signature file is what you use to 'sign off' your posts with. You can often make them as eye catching as possible. Be always on the lookout for people who you can connect with. Maybe they have a service that would help you market your site or maybe they are just fun people to get to know. Maybe they would benefit from your encouragement.

Forums are a lot of fun.

You may get many leads from people who respond to your question publicly - or they may contact you privately through the forum (known as a PM - personal Message)

Sign up for as many forums as you can handle but try and spend no more than half an hour every day at your forum. Forum marketing can get very addictive, and eat up a lot of your time. I log on once a day, maybe answer a few posts, maybe post a few, then log out.

If you find someone who you think (from reading their posts) would be a good person to approach to suggest helping each other to grow your respective business - send them a Personal Message. Just say hi. Mention that you enjoy reading their posts and would like to be friends. Remember the web is called the web for a reason - it's all about connecting people. A forum is a great opportunity to find like minded individuals online.

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