Friday, 5 March 2010

Killer Traffic Tip - How to Get 250+ Sign Ups a Day

By Chris Farrell

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I am currently working on a traffic generation technique that is now getting me about 250+ sign ups a day. Yes a day.

And it's free. And best of all - it is targeted traffic

I have been experimenting recently with viral giveaways. Yes I know it sounds like something you see the Doctor for but don't let that put you off.

A viral giveaway works as follows.

For a limited amount of time (usually two weeks) a viral giveaway will take place on the web. If you want to build your list this is a great thing to get your head around.

All you do - is contribute a free gift (usually an eBook) to this giveaway.

Now if you don't have your own gift - either write one, or get the rights (often for free) to a product and use that.

Once you have a free gift - you simply upload it to the viral giveaway site.'s pretty much it.

Then when the giveaway goes live traffic flows to the site. And if someone likes the look of your gift - they click on it - and are taken to your site. There you have you opt in form. They fill in their details - you get them on your list - they get the free gift. Bing Bang Boom...

Now - the only 'catch' is that when a visitor goes to the giveaway they do have to sign up (for free) to take part. And then - they have to sign up again for each gift they want. It's hardly a huge downside however - but worth noting. Some people may therefore use an email address that they only use for 'free' stuff.

I know there have been many articles about the power of giving away something of value to entice a sign up - and you do have to be careful that in the long run you don't give everything away for free - but as a means to start building a list - this really is pretty easy and a great way to get your feet wet in this wonderful business at no cost.

The best thing to sell is a better product, with
greater service, at a lower price.
JOE KARBO (1925-1980)

I am using many traffic generating techniques currently - from articles to YouTube to ezines to link swapping to forums to Craigs List.... Some more successful than others - but viral giveaways have been (for me) by far the most successful. And ironically the easiest and the quickest.

I also doubt very much that I will continue to get sign ups at 250 a day - I'm sure that will die down as the giveaway continues - but it is easy to see how quickly by involving yourself with a few of these - your list can quickly organically grow with targeted traffic.

Here is a link to all the viral giveaways going on at the moment: Or just Google 'viral giveaways'.

I hope this may help a few starting in this business

Chris Farrell is a successful writer and broadcaster. He specializes in teaching the newcomer how to make money online. He is the author of many eBooks, including the popular 'Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon'. Get yours for FREE here =>

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