Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Want to Make Money Online? - You'll Need This First

By Chris Farrell

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How would you like to learn step by step, How to make money online even if you know nothing about the internet. Try it you've got nothimg to lose!

Many people write about the most important 'thing' that you need to start making money online.

Sure there's the website and good writing, an attractive offer, easy payment options etc...

But - to me - it's abundantly clear and acutely obvious, that before ALL of this, you must

Now, I'm not going to bombard you with any positive mental attitude talk or the psychology of sales rubbish.

But I'd like to share with you just ONE thing that WILL make all the difference.

EVERY single person that has been successful in ANY field (NOT just the Internet) ALWAYS says the same thing.

Do you know what they all say?

This one 'thing' that every successful person has in common -- is they TOOK ACTION.

Yeah yeah yeah I know we've heard it all before - but this is the ONE thing that
EVERY successful person has in common. It's not talent, it's not luck, it's not intelligence...'s that they got up and DID SOMETHING.

You are today where your thoughts have brought you;
you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.
James Allen (1849-1925)

Most people are great starters but poor finishers. Look at how many people start a book never to finish it, the number of gym registrations at the start of the year, the high numbers of people who throw in the towel on a project after JUST A FEW DAYS

We are ALL scared! Get over it!

How many times have we heard or have we said to ourselves 'I can't do that - I'm not good enough - I'm not talented enough - I don't have time - It's not for me - I'm not good looking enough- I'm too old - I'm too young...'

Just STOP. And start THINKING differently. The results will be magical.

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